EthaDry 3A Molecular Sieve

Hengye has considered the conditions that dehydration units need to operate at peak performance and designed a molecular sieve with ideal physical and chemical properties. Hengye’s specialized molecular sieve offers efficient performance, superior selectivity, and durable strength to maximize production, increase efficiency, and provide a favorable return-on-investment.


Ethanol Dehydration Units

These combined properties makes our product highly efficient and productive while also offering a long lifespan. Our team will help optimize your dehydration units and train staff on proper caremaintenance, and damage prevention.

Everything You Need for an Adsorption Unit

How To Dispose Of Sieve

Technical Support

Design and Engineering

  • bed loading calculations, bed sizing
  • adsorption unit optimization assistance

Loading and Start Up

Operation and Lifespan

End of Life

Benefits from the Manufacturer

  • direct from manufacturer pricing
  • inventory in Omaha, NE; Houston, TX; and Shanghai, CN
  • flexible lead times, credit for qualified orders


Our manufacturing process has received ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems, which helps us continuously improve our techniques. Ask to see a Certificate of Analysis from one of our recent production lots.


Our team can help calculate your current efficiency and demonstrate how our products can save you money. The superior selectivity of EthaDry for water over ethanol allows more water to be adsorbed per cycle while decreasing the amount of ethanol recycled in the regeneration step.


From bed sizing to end of life, we will be there each step of the way to help increase the success of your operations. We are here to support the Ethanol Community, whether a quick question over the phone or on-site support is needed, we aim to help make your operations run smoothly.


EthaDry is manufactured to increase the efficiency and productivity of Ethanol Dehydration Units, while being offered at reasonable, direct-from-manufacturer pricing. Ask about drop-ship orders for additional savings.


Hengye Inc. offers world-class solutions for Ethanol Dehydration Units to support the biofuel industry’s movement to green, renewable sources of energy. Our products and expertly skilled team can help optimize your plant and create a capital gain by increasing capacity, efficiency, and overall productivity from the dehydration units.


EthaDry 4×8 mesh Beads

 Diameter    mm    2.5 – 5.0    –
Bulk Density    lb/ft3    43.7 – 47.5    46.06
Crush Strength    lbf    ≥20    25.9
Static Water Adsorption    wt%    ≥21.0    21.35
Attrition    wt%    ≤0.1    0.06
Moisture Content    wt%    ≤1.0    0.16

*Avg refers to a 12 month average of lot analyses

Available in 330 lb Drums or 2,204 lb Super Sacks