Hengye silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieve

Current Announcements

While we are still taking necessary Health and Safety precautions, our business activities have resumed to normal and staff has returned to the Houston office.  Many of our employees have been fully vaccinated to help facilitate safe participation in upcoming meetings, trade shows, and customer field visits. 

Shipping Products

Current Status:
Some Minor Delays

Generally, orders are able to be scheduled for shipment and delivery without any delays. But due to a shortage on shipping containers, eligible drivers, and occasionally fuel, we have been experiencing occasional delays on product shipment for certain freight carrying companies. 

Ordering Products

Current Status:
No interruptions

We are accepting and processing orders as normal (including fax orders) as our staff has returned to working in the office. For orders by email, please send  an email at service@hengyeinc.com and we will process your order in a timely manner.  As usual, we require a signed Purchase Order containing a PO Number to accept and process orders.

Payment Options

Current Status:
No interruptions

ACH payments are preferred, however, we accept payments by Credit Card, Wire Transfer, or Check. 

Hengye payments


As much of our staff has been vaccinated, we have began to allow on-site service activities to resume.  In addition, we have expanded our capabilities to better enable our staff to provide technical service guidance over the phone or video calls.  


Please contact us to schedule a Lunch-and-Learn if you are interested in learning more about our company and the services and products we provide.


Due to current market dynamics and the value of our products, counterfeiting and fraud are becoming more prevalent. Use caution when purchasing our product brand through resellers because we neither imply nor accept any liability when you purchase products from a third party.


Check out the Mavens Community to see what others in your industry are talking about. The Mavens are here to help facilitate the successful use of adsorbents in various applications and industries.

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