Supporting The Adsorbent Community

Our engineering services are available remotely or on-site to ensure your operation is taken care of and that you will benefit from your experience with Hengye. From simple process guidance to operation calculations, we nurture success in our adsorbent and catalyst communities by teaching operators how to get the best performance out of our material. Our engineers can assist with the numerous, unique technical aspects in these, often complicated, purification and refining applications. With 25+ years of manufacturing experience, we’ve learned what’s important to our communities and we will help you optimize your process and profitability with the right material in place, performance at peak, and production goals achieved.

Technical/Operational Support

  • Remote and On-site Support Available
  • Dehydration Unit Optimization and Operation Analysis
  • Design Engineering and Bed Loading Calculations
  • Systems Training and Activities Support
  • Material Application Education and Product Selection
  • Change Out Services and Commissioning
  • Analyze Remaining Working Life of Products
  • Breakthrough Testing and Product Performance Analysis
  • Research and Development, Custom Manufactured Products

Change Out Services

Hengye has partnered with trusted leaders to provide Turnaround Services in support of our many industries. You can rely on us to change out adsorbent and catalyst beds for industries such as Ethanol, Natural Gas, and Petroleum Gas, Refining in addition to Power Transformers and Siloxane Removal Units. Choosing Hengye Inc. to perform your change out will ease your stress during turnarounds by knowing that we’re taking care of what we know best. With industry references, you can hear how Hengye Inc. is able to take on the responsibility of change outs and relax the minds of plant operators and managers. Custom design work for bed sizing (TSA & PSA).

Mavens Articles

Check out the Mavens Blog to see what others in your industry are talking about. The Mavens are here to help facilitate the successful use of adsorbents in various applications and industries.

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