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About Hengye Inc.

In 2014, Hengye Inc. was established in the USA to offer the flexibility and reliability required to meet the growing, dynamic needs in the American marketplace. We are equipped with a team of engineers, salespeople, and a marketing team to allow a full range of services for the adsorbent and catalyst community, including design work for new builds and bed sizing for current systems, technical support and optimization, turn around and change out services, and more. Feed streams are unique and Hengye is able to manufacture and select the ideal product to meet specification requirements and maximize the value of product streams. Our sales team, paired with our engineers, will provide the data and technical education to support and bring confidence to those who use Hengye products.



Hengye manufactures adsorbents and catalysts for a wide range of applications. Our “standard products” are mostly desiccant grade and typically used in dehydration applications such as air compression, moisture control, and air breather desiccation. Molecular sieve, activated alumina, and silica gel have an affinity for adsorbing water compounds, which makes these products great desiccants. As the needs of applications become more intricate, we have developed more advanced products for specialized filtration applications such as sulfur removal from LNG and LPG streams in sweetening processes and specialized catalysts, which are of removing specific contaminants or facilitating reactions such as the hydrolization of H2S.

Molecular Sieve
Activated Alumina
Other Products
Type 3A Standard Grade High Activity White Silica Gel
Type 4A Beads Specialized Manufacturing Blue Silica Gel
Type 5A Granular Ideal Surface Area Yellow Silica Gel
Type 13X Powder Durable Specialized Silicas
Specialty Sieves Custom Products Custom Solutions Unique Products

Hengye products are currently being utilized in multiple industries including refining, natural gas production, petrochemicals, air separation, ethanol production, and many more. We manufacture unique products for each market and take pride in assisting our customers to select the correct product for their application and aim to help them understand how each product works.

Natural Gas
Air Separation
Water Purification
Compressed Natural Gas Catalytic Reforming Aromatic Purification Biodiesel Air Prepurification Chlorine Removal
Liquefaction Hydrogen Purification Olefin Purification Ethanol Dehydration Compressed Air Fluorine Removal
Natural Gas Liquids Isomerization Syngas Purification Landfill Gas Cryogenic Separation Municipal Water Utilities
Nitrogen Rejection Units LPG Purification Siloxane Removal Desiccant Air Dryers Water Filtration
Peak Shaving Steam Methane Reforming Hydrogen Generation
Sulfur Recovery Units
Oxygen Generation

We Manufacture High Quality Products

that aim to perform better, last longer, and produce a positive return on investment.