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About Hengye Inc.

In 2014, Hengye Inc. was established in the USA to offer the flexibility and reliability required to meet the growing, dynamic needs in the American marketplace. We are equipped with a team of engineers, salespeople, and a marketing team to allow a full range of services for the adsorbent and catalyst community, including design work for new builds and bed sizing for current systems, technical support and optimization, turn around and change out services, and more. Feed streams are unique and Hengye is able to manufacture and select the ideal product to meet specification requirements and maximize the value of product streams. Our sales team, paired with our engineers, will provide the data and technical education to support and bring confidence to those who use Hengye products.


Molecular Sieve

Our molecular sieve products have a specialized production process, which allows for the creation of reliable, uniform zeolite crystals. Zeolite crystals can be used in powder form, referred to as activated powder, or blended clays to form beads or extrudates.

Type X crystal
Mixing zeolite with clay produces products that are more durable and easier to handle than powders, which enables molecular sieve technology to be utilized in industrial processes such as natural gas purification, air separation, petroleum refining, and ethanol dehydration. The blending of zeolite and clay is performed in a controlled environment with clean equipment to optimize the performance of the zeolite products and ensure that each production batch will meet or exceed industry standards as provided in Hengye Specification Sheets. Hengye offers a wide range of zeolite products, some of which are specialized to perform specific sieving tasks that allow our users to create a cleaner, higher value end product that meets environmental and industrial requirements.
Type A crystal
Amongst the different types of molecular sieves, Hengye offers type 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X and specialty zeolites, all of which have different adsorption capabilities and selectivity from compounds such as water, which has a relatively small molecular diameter, to molecularly larger compounds such as heavy mercaptans and sulfides. Our specialty zeolites have specific properties that offer superior abilities such as zeolites with high density to allow more capacity per bed and zeolites with proprietary blending processes, which allows deep dehydration or ultrahigh purification abilities. Aside from being designed with specifications that allow high function, zeolites can also be promoted or exchanged with cations to offer very specific functions such as mercury removal, separating nitride and light hydrocarbons from air, or for use in fluid catalytic crackers.

Activated Alumina

In addition to molecular sieves, Hengye also offers activated alumina. Activated alumina is commonly used in bulk dehydration processes and frequently used as a guard layer to protect more expensive aluminas and catalysts. Activated alumina is a versatile product that can be designed in specialized manners to allow different functions including the purification of water, chloride scavengers for use in reformate stream purification, and sulfur removal from natural gas or petroleum streams. Activated alumina can remove sulfur compounds such has hydrogen sulfide and can also recover sulfur by acting as a catalyst in the Claus Process. Activated alumina can also be used as a carrier, as a catalyst base.


Our catalysts are promoted with compounds that increase catalytic function such as titanium dioxide or soda. Catalysts are specialized products that are used to lower the required temperature for a reaction to occur. Typically, a catalyst has a high surface area, which offers a location to assist the occurrence of these desired reactions. Hengye manufactures various types of catalysts from applications such as chloride scavenging for use in reformate stream purification and sulfur removal from natural gas or petroleum streams. We offer catalysts for the Claus Process, both high alumina, promoted or blended, and Claus Catalysts with high titanium dioxide content to facilitate the conversation of various sulfur compounds into hydrogen sulfide to be suitable for recovery. Hengye also has catalysts for tail gas hydrogenation to allow Claus Plants to recovery maximum sulfur.


Full Service Adsorbent Supplier

Hengye also offers silica gel and other adsorbents for the convenience of our markets. Nonindicating silica gel is most commonly used for bulk dehydration and appears as white beads or in granular form, but silica gel can also be indicating and can be a blue color that turns to pink or a yellow that turns to green. For natural gas, there are specialized silicas such as silica alumina, which help separate light hydrocarbons by reducing the dew point, while simultaneously dehydrating natural gas and gasoline. Silica gel can also be used as a catalyst carrier and comes in a variety of pore sizes and bead sizes. To complete our portfolio of products, Hengye also offers activated carbon, which can be used in natural gas production and carbon molecular sieve, which is used for nitrogen separation.


Hengye products are currently being utilized in multiple industries including petroleum refining, natural gas production, air separation, ethanol production, and many more. We manufacture unique products for each market and take pride in assisting our customers to select the correct product for their application and aim to help them understand how each product works.

Petrochemicals and Refining

In the petrochemicals and refining markets, Hengye offers a variety of products to meet market demands. EthylCleanse is specially designed for purifying ethylene and propylene oxide, with high capacity for deep dehydration and contaminant removal. Our chloride removal products include aluminas that optimize chemisorption properties of the alumina to offer an ideal product in catalytic reforming processes. These aluminas are able to remove chlorides to minimal levels and prevent the corrosion or poisoning of costly downstream catalysts. In catalytic reforming, hydrogen is created as a byproduct, and is of high value in other refining processes; hydrogen is also produced in steam methane reforming processes. For reliable, clean hydrogen streams, refineries select our specialized hydrogen purification products, which remove water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and methane to create an end product of high purity hydrogen. Hengye also offers adsorbents for isomerization processes, which remove water and sulfur from the process stream. The resulting purified isomerization stream can then enter the isomerization reactor to allow the conversion of normal paraffins to isoparaffins.

Natural Gas

Hengye Inc. manufactures various adsorbents for the natural gas industry to remove contaminants and create high value products. Our adsorbents are specialized designed to offer a high capacity and selectivity for water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Depending on the composition of your feed stream and the demands for your final product, Hengye will assist in your selection for the ideal adsorbent to give heightened results. If the natural gas is heavily sour, Hengye’s specialized sulfur removing adsorbents can be used to remove mercaptans and sulfides, which will allow the product stream to meet environmental requirements and customer specifications. When mercury is present, Hengye offers two options for impregnated molecular sieve, which can amalgamate with the mercury to remove it from the stream. Mercury removal is important both to meet environmental requirements and to prevent corrosion of equipment downstream.


Hengye currently services more than sixty ethanol plants with products for ethanol dehydration. Our quality and service has facilitated the growing use of our products in this industry. Market feedback, plant size criteria, and production demand has allowed Hengye to design a product, EthaDry, that is ideal for ethanol dehydration with optimized selectivity for water over ethanol and increased capacity per cycle to provide a high purity end product. Our goal in creating this specialized adsorbent is to help ethanol plants flourish and increase output without needing to expand their current operations. This product is built to withstand typical operation conditions when properly maintained and aims to add an overall positive return-on-investment for ethanol producers.

We Manufacture High Quality Products

that aim to perform better, last longer, and produce a positive return on investment.