Industries We Serve

Hengye products are currently being utilized in multiple industries including air separation, renewable fuels, natural gas, refining, petrochemicals, industrial drying, and many more! We manufacture unique products for each market and take pride in assisting our customers to select the correct product for their application and aim to help them understand how each product works. Click any tab below to learn more about adsorbents in your industry.

Air Separation

Adsorbents are used in a range of air separation, purification, and compression applications. Air must go through separation processes to obtain valuable gases at a purity level that must be met whether its oxygen or nitrogen. Argon and other gases in air must be treated to achieve requirement of impurity levels. Click any link below to learn more about adsorbents in your industry.

Renewable Fuels

The demand for renewable fuels is expected to grow as it helps with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building energy reliability, and improving domestic economies.

Renewable fuels include liquid and gaseous fuels, that come from renewable feedstock sources. These fuels must undergo different types of treatments to achieve purity level requirements. Ethanol, Landfill Gas and Hydrogen are the main renewable fuels that require a purification process in which a special type of adsorbent is used for its removal of contaminants.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas undergoes a range of industrial processes designed to purify raw natural gas in order for pipeline quality approval. Some of the critical processes involved that require adsorbent material for purification are water dehydration units, rejection units and other impurity removals.


Coming from a wide range of feedstocks, hydrocarbon streams can be filled with various impurities that need to be removed before the streams can be further refined. While much of the water and sulfur species that were originally present have already been removed, molecular sieves can be used to polish the stream to meet specification and increase the overall value of the product stream.


Petrochemical plants process hydrocarbon and olefin base feed streams that must go through extensive treatment to produce a variation of products. Our adsorbents are designed to help remove necessary material to meet required specifications. Impurities that are commonly removed in these streams can range from oxygenates, sulfur compounds, water, and others.

Industrial Drying

Water is commonly found in almost everything that occurs either naturally or in an industry setting. Many of the applications that require water removal are needed to function effectively and continuously. Our adsorbents have the ability to remove the necessary moisture content desired to achieve specifications for the product.