Dessicant Dryers

Desiccant dryers are used to dehydrate atmospheric air, or pure gases including H2, N2, O2, CO2, for use in pneumatic equipment. It is important for these gases to be purified and dehydrated before use to prevent corrosion and damage to machinery.

How it Works

Inlet air passes through the pre-filter and is distributed, by use of valves, to direct the air into one of the multiple adsorbent beds, commonly filled with activated alumina, which allows the air to be dehydrated and purified. Air leaves the adsorption bed, and passes through another series of values, which distributes the dry air to another filter before use. Air that is not outlet is used as regeneration air, and directed to a different adsorbent bed so that desiccant can be regenerated once capacity has been reached. A system with two or more beds can allow constant dry air production as one bed can regenerate while the other adsorbent bed is actively dehydrating the air stream.

Dessicant Dryers


Standard Activated Alumina is manufactured for water adsorption and filtration applications by adsorbing impurities from the surrounding environment. Activated alumina can be used in a wide range of applications including the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and in static or dynamic dehydration applications. This activated alumina offers a high adsorption capacity for both static and dynamic adsorption processes. 

  • used in dehydration or filtration applications 
  • capable of dehydrating surrounding environment 
  • creates ideal streams for the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals 
  • offers advantageous adsorption capacity in static and dynamic applications

HYG04DG molecular sieve is manufactured for the dehydration of hydrocarbon streams and can selectively remove water from both liquid phase and vapor phase streams. This dehydration process allows the hydrocarbon streams to be further processed in cryogenic separation and is more easily transported. This molecular sieve, with a high adsorption capacity, can bring benefits to a wide range of dehydration applications.  

  • used for the dehydration hydrocarbon streams 
  • capable of removing water to meet most specifications 
  • allows hydrocarbons to be further processed and transported 
  • offers an advantageous adsorption capacity


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