Ethylene Purification (Removal of CO2, H2S, H2O, methanol, etc.)

Ethylene contains traces of CO2, H2S, H20, methanol, etc. that must be removed in order to move on to the polymerization process.


HYG04DG molecular sieve is manufactured for the dehydration of hydrocarbon streams and can selectively remove water from both liquid phase and vapor phase streams. This dehydration process allows the hydrocarbon streams to be further processed in cryogenic separation and is more easily transported. This molecular sieve, with a high adsorption capacity, can bring benefits to a wide range of dehydration applications.  

  • used for the dehydration hydrocarbon streams 
  • capable of removing water to meet most specifications 
  • allows hydrocarbons to be further processed and transported 
  • offers an advantageous adsorption capacity

HYD05C molecular sieve is manufactured for use in air prepurification units to remove water, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants from feed gas. The removal of these contaminants is essential for compressed air systems and for creating high purity gas streams. This molecular sieve offers a high adsorption capacity for impurities, especially water. 

  • used to purify air feed gas 
  • capable of removing water, carbon dioxide, light hydrocarbons, and more 
  • allows gas to be further separated or otherwise used in compressors
  • offers an advantageous adsorption capacity for water

HYD10A is specially manufactured for cryogenic air separation and selectively removes water from feed gas. This dehydration process allows air streams to be further processed in cryogenic air separation without the presence of water, which would freeze and cause blockage. This molecular sieve offers a high adsorption capacity and physical strength.

  • used to remove water from air feed streams 
  • capable of dehydrating feed streams to cryogenic separation requirements 
  • allows air to be used in compressors and pneumatic equipment 
  • offers a high capacity for waterrefining


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