Regenerating Adsorbents

Regeneration Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina, and Silica Gel can all be regenerated, meaning they can be treated to remove what has been adsorbed, so that the product can be used repeatedly. Both heat and/or vacuum can be utilized to bring molecular sieve to a state of being regenerated. Refer
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Hengye Inc. Introduction

Introduction to Hengye Inc. Located in Houston, Texas, Hengye Inc. is a manufacturer and global supplier of molecular sieve, activated alumina, catalysts, adsorbents, desiccants, support material, and more. Our industries range from oil and gas production, air separation, and more.
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Ethylene must be Pure and Dry

Ethylene must be Pure and Dry Ethylene must be pure and dry… but ironically, unsaturating olefin/paraffin molecules, is a watery, steamy business! Unfortunately, massive petrochemical molecules don’t just conveniently fall apart into useful bits and pieces. It requires a significant energy investment in terms of live-steam at 750-950°
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