Sulfur Recovery Units

  • activated aluminas and catalysts
  • dehydration to below 0.1 ppm
  • liquefaction, cryogenic processing
  • import/export terminals
  • peak shaving, storage facilities

Tail Gas Hydrogenation

  • catalysts
  • acid gas removal
  • meet environmental regulations

Technical Support

Design and Engineering

  • bed loading calculations, bed sizing
  • new construction design work
  • adsorption unit optimization
  • product education and selection assistance

Loading and Start Up

  • on-site loading and start up assistance
  • turn-around contracting services, turn-key

Operation and Lifespan

  • process optimization and operation analysis
  • systems training and activities support

End of Life

  • spent material analysis
  • unloading assistance
  • disposal instruction and assistance
  • vessel inspections and repairs

Benefits from the Manufacturer

  • direct from manufacturer pricing
  • inventory in Houston; Omaha; and Shanghai
  • flexible lead times, meet delivery deadlines
  • credit terms for qualified orders
Sulfur Recovery Units
  • molecular sieve
  • activated alumina
  • silica gel


water (H2O)

Tail Gas Hydrogenation
  • molecular sieves
  • activated aluminas
  • specialized adsorbents


  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  • carbonyl sulfide (COS)
  • carbon disulfide (CS2)
  • mercaptans