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    Large Scale Oxygen Generators (PSA Units)

    Molecular sieve is used directly in large PSA Units to separate Oxygen from Nitrogen under specific pressures, capturing Nitrogen and releasing Oxygen to a product tank.


    • HYD10A 13X Molecular Sieve, Beads and Pellets
      HYD10A is specially manufactured for cryogenic air separation and selectively removes water from feed gas. This dehydration process allows air streams to be further processed in cryogenic air separation without the presence of water, which would freeze and cause blockage. This molecular sieve offers a high adsorption capacity and physical strength.
    • • used to remove water from air feed streams 
    • • capable of dehydrating feed streams to cryogenic separation requirements 
    • • allows air to be used in compressors and pneumatic equipment 
    • • offers a high capacity for water
    • HYDB100G Sodium X (8×12) Molecular Sieve
    • HYDB100G Sodium X is a specialized molecular sieve.
    • HYGB100C Lithium X (10×16) Molecular Sieve
    • HYGB100C Lithium X is a specialized molecular sieve.

    HYGB500B 5A Molecular Sieve for CO2
    HYGB500B 5A is a specialized molecular sieve.

    HYGB800G Molecular Sieve
    HYGB800G is a specialized molecular sieve.

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