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Sulfur Rejection Units

Sulfur Rejection Units (SRUs) are vital for many refining and natural gas operations. Environmental and regional regulations can require sulfur to be recovered before tail gas is flared to reduce the amount of sulfur polluted into the atmosphere. The recovered sulfur can be used for an array of different purposes including fertilizer additives or in the production of sulfuric acid.

Products for SRUs

A918 – alumina Claus catalyst
A918 is a hard working alumina catalyst that provides a high surface area for the conversion of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen to form sulfur and water in the Claus Process.
A958 – specially promoted Claus catalyst
A958 offers special capabilities in the SRU by increasing the hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide into hydrogen sulfide.
A968 – titanium dioxide blend Claus catalyst
A968 is manufactured with titanium dioxide, which improves the hydrolyzation of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide to reform hydrogen sulfide.
A988 – titanium dioxide Claus catalyst
A988 is specially manufactured with a high titanium dioxide content for maximized hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide to reform hydrogen sulfide.

Tail Gas Units

Tail Gas Units (TGUs) can be used to further process the sulfur in tail gas due to environmental and specification requirements, a Tail Gas Unit is used to convert residual COS, CS2, and SO2 found in tail gas into H2S, which is then recycled to sulfur recovery units to be processed again.

Products for TGUs

A999 – tail gas hydrogenation catalyst
Hydro SulCat is a specially manufactured catalyst that is used in Tail Gas Units (TGUs) to hydrogenate sulfurous compounds and form hydrogen disulfide (H2S).