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The demand for renewable fuels is expected to grow as it helps with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building energy reliability, and improving domestic economies.

Renewable fuels include liquid and gaseous fuels, that come from renewable feedstock sources. These fuels must undergo different types of treatments to achieve purity level requirements.

Ethanol, Landfill Gas and Hydrogen are the main renewable fuels that require a purification process in which a special type of adsorbent is used for its removal of contaminants.

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Ethanol Dehydration

Through distillation alone, ethanol can only be dehydrated to around 95% to 97% purity. The last 3-5% of water is unable to be removed through distillation techniques due to the formation of an a Zoetrope, a point at which water no longer boils out of a solution. This remaining water has to be removed to allow ethanol to be used as fuel and in gasoline blending. To achieve fuel grade ethanol… Read More…

Landfill Gas

landfill gas

Removing siloxane is an important step in cleaning methane gases for use as fuel since siloxane is a form of crystalline silica that will essentially turn into glass when burned or combusted. The collection of combusted siloxanes inside of engine components can cause the buildup of heat, water, and other contaminants that can cause corrosion, leading to problems in the engine.

Removal of H2S is a critical procedure that helps reduce corrosion for power generation equipment, pre-treat LFG for high-BTU gas processing, and to reduce sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions, associated with LFG combustion. Read More…

Hydrogen Purification


Hydrogen is remarked as the fuel of the future because of the clean environment it produces when being used and the many resources that it can be obtained from. Hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, and water electrolysis with wind, solar, or grid electricity. Hydrogen fuel can provide… 
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