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Compressed Air


HYGB800G FOR OXYGEN GENERATION DESCRIPTION HYGB800D is used for rich Oxygen generation/Nitrogen Separation in air separation processes. Compare with common calcium-type and sodium-type Molecular Sieve for Oxygen generation, HYGB800D applies to various VPSA devices with better capacity and separation efficiency. CHEMICAL FORMULA (Y)a x [(AlO2)
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HYD05C 5A MOLECULAR SIEVE DESCRIPTION HYD05C molecular sieve is manufactured for use in air pre-purification units to remove water, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants from feed gas. The removal of these contaminants is essential for compressed air systems and for creating high purity gas streams. This molecular sieve
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HYGB500B: OXYFLO V – FOR OXYGEN GENERATION DESCRIPTION OxyFlo V is specially manufactured to generate high purity stream of oxygen by selectively removing contaminants such as carbon dioxide from feed gas. This purification process allows oxygen to be used in compressors, pneumatic equipment, or as a process gas. This molecular
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HYD10A: 13X MOLECULAR SIEVE DESCRIPTION HYD10A is specially manufactured for cryogenic air separation and selectively removes water from feed gas. This dehydration process allows air streams to be further processed in cryogenic air separation without the presence of water, which would freeze and cause blockage. This molecular sieve
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HYD10E: 13X Molecular Sieve, Pellets

13X Molecular Sieve Pellets DESCRIPTION 13X is manufactured to deeply dehydrate feed gas prior to cryogenic separation by removing water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons from feed gas. The removal of these contaminants will allow the feed gas to be further separated into the desired product stream. This molecular sieve has
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HYD04C: 5A Molecular Sieve, Beads

STANDARD 5A MOLECULAR SIEVE Description Standard 5A molecular sieve is manufactured for use in air prepurification units to remove water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons from feed gas. The removal of these contaminants is essential for compressed air systems and for purifying gas streams. This molecular sieve offers a high adsorption
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HYAA300 Product Application HYAA300 is manufactured for water adsorption and filtration applications by adsorbing impurities from the surrounding environment. Activated alumina can be used in a wide range of applications including the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and in static or dynamic dehydration applications. This activated alumina offers a high adsorption
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