A999 – Claus Catalyst


A999 is manufactured to hydrogenate sulfur and form H2S in Tail Gas Units. After the hydrogenation reaction has taken place, the effluent is cooled and water vapor is removed, concentrating H2S in vapor phase. The water from the quench column can sent to a sour water stripper or recycled in an upgrader. The hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen that did not react is introduced into a lean amine solution, which produces a sweet gas that can be incinerated in the stack. A special regenerator will use stripping steam to regenerate the rich amine solution, which releases H2S that is then mixed with other hydrogen sulfide isolated in the tail gas unit and recycled as feed gas, back to the Claus Units to undergo the process another time.


Industries used

sulfur recovery, tail gas units, hydrogenation


As an adsorbent, molecular sieve should not be left exposed to open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging.


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