SulCat Series

Products for Sulfur Recovery Units

Alumina SulCat – alumina Claus catalyst
Alumina SulCat is a hard working alumina catalyst that provides a high surface area for the conversion of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen to form sulfur and water in the Claus Process.
Promoted SulCat – promoted Claus catalyst
Promoted SulCat offers special capabilities in the SRU by increasing the hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide into hydrogen sulfide.
Blended SulCat – titanium dioxide blend Claus catalyst
Blended SulCat is manufactured with titanium dioxide, which improves the hydrolyzation of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide to reform hydrogen sulfide.
Super SulCat – titanium dioxide Claus catalyst
Super SulCat offers a high titanium dioxide content for maximized hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide to reform hydrogen sulfide.

Product Application

SulCat Series products come in a variety of options to fit the need of each Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU). These product can be used for recovery of sulfur from H2S, and certain grades can also convert COS and CS2 into H2S to further remove the presence of sulfur from the stream.

  • high resistance to thermal aging, low temperature operation, and increased working capacity
  • hydrolyzing grades available with ideal H2S conversion rates
  • specialized products for each reactor to balance cost with efficiency and optimize product value

    SulCat Series Product Line

    SulCat Series products come in a variety of options depending on the specific requirements and equipment capability in the sulfur recovery unit.

    SulCat Series for Sulfur Recovery
    Product Name Catalyst Type Beads (mesh) Hydrolysis Activity Packaging Options
    Alumina SulCat alumina 4-6 mm no drums
    Promoted SulCat promoted 4-6 mm moderate drums
    Blended SulCat proprietary blend 4-6 mm moderate drums
    Super SulCat titanium dioxide catalyst more info strong drums

    Hengye Inc. manufactures a variety of products in its SulCat Series for use as Claus catalysts in sulfur recovery units. The Claus Process requires catalysts with specific properties to allow the recovery of sulfur from hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

    Surface Area Hengye’s specialized Claus catalysts offer a highly active surface area, which allows H2S and oxygen (O2) to be converted to water and sulfur at efficient speed and conversion rates.

    Physical Durability These products are strong enough to survive the rigors of the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) furnace, while maintaining working ability to offer a long lifespan.

    Particle Size Distribution A tightly controlled particle size distribution ensures excellent fluid dynamic flow properties in the SRU.

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