NitroFlo A PC

NitroFlo A PC


NitroFlo A PC is a specially manufactured catalyst that is used as a deoxidant to generate high purity nitrogen streams. The special formulation of this product allows oxygen to be chemically adsorbed from feed streams. Under normal temperature, the air rate is 4,000-12,000/h and will ideally catalyze after one pass through the catalyst bed.

  • offers high activity as a deoxidant
  • can be used to generate high purity streams of nitrogen
  • can be regenerated and used again or replaced when needed
  • offers a high crush strength, a long lifespan when used as a deoxidant, and easy operation
  • Specifications
    AirFlo A PC
         4×8 Mesh     
    Particle Size
    1.6 – 2.5
    3.0 – 5.0
    Palladium Content
    0.1; 0.5; 0.8
    0.1; 0.5; 0.8
    Bulk Density
    43.7 – 47.5
    43.7 – 47.5
    Crush Strength
    ≥ 13.4
    ≥ 22.4
    Packaging Options
    330.7lb / Drum     –     66.1lb / Drum
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    This product should not be left exposed to open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging. The recommended regeneration conditions for this catalyst are a hydrogen speed of 1,000/h with a temperature of 350˚C (662˚F) for two hours.

    • nitrogen generation