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Catalyst Overview

Catalysts are specialized products that are used to lower the required temperature for a reaction to occur. Typically, a catalyst has a high surface area, which offers a location to assist the occurrence of these desired reactions. Catalyst are often blended with proprietary compounds that allow the catalysts to perform specialized tasks.

Claus Catalysts

In the Claus process, sulfur is recovered from H2S and can be used for an array of purposes including fertilizer additives. Hengye offers multiple variations in its branded SulCat Series of Claus catalysts to suit the needs of our users, depending on environmental requirements and feed composition. Alumina SulCat can be used for recovery of sulfur from H2S. Promoted SulCat, Blended SulCat, or Super SulCat can be used to recover sulfur from H2S while also converting COS and CS2 into H2S to further remove the presence of sulfur from the stream.

Tail Gas Catalysts

Hydro SulCat is a specialized sulfur catalyst for tail gas hydrogenation. For increased sulfur recovery, some units are equipped with a tail gas unit where SO2 is recovered to be recycled back into the sulfur recovery unit to react with H2S and form sulfur.

Gas Purification

Specialized catalysts such as palladium catalysts are used to remove oxygen and create pure streams of specialized gases such as hydrogen, neon, xenon, and krypton. These deoxidant grade catalysts are commonly used in the lighting industry to fill the bulbs with specialty gases and in metallurgy applications.

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