Natural Gas Processing


Dehydration Units
 molecular sieves and other adsorbents
•  dehydration to below 0.1 ppm 
•  liquefaction, cryogenic processing
•  import/export terminals
 peak shaving, storage facilities

Gas Sweetening

 regenerable and non-regenerable adsorbents
•  acid gas removal
•  meet environmental regulations
Nitrogen Rejection Units
 molecular sieves, activated carbon

•  increase product stream value
•  improve transportation efficiency
Mercury Removal
 specialized mercury adsorbents
•  improve safety, protect Cold Box
•  meet environmental regulations
Everything You Need for an Adsorption Unit
  molecular sieves and activated aluminas
•  silica gels and other adsorbents
•  high alumina and ceramic support balls
•  screens, filters, and more

Technical Support

Design and Engineering
•  bed loading calculations, bed sizing
•  new construction design work
•  adsorption unit optimization
•  product education and selection assistance
Loading and Start Up
•  on-site loading and start up assistance
•  turn-around contracting services, turn-key
Operation and Lifespan
•  process optimization and operation analysis
  systems training and activities support
•  breakthrough testing
End of Life

  spent material analysis
•  unloading assistance
•  disposal instruction and assistance
•  vessel inspections and repairs

Benefits from the Manufacturer
•  direct from manufacturer pricing
•  inventory in Houston; Omaha; and Shanghai
•  flexible lead times, meet delivery deadlines
•  credit terms for qualified orders

Full Product List
• 3A molecular sieve
• 4A molecular sieve
Guard and Support Material
• activated alumina
• silica gel
• support balls
• water (H2O)

Full Product List
•  molecular sieves
•  activated aluminas
•  silica gel
•  carbonyl sulfide (COS)
•  hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
•  carbon disulfide (CS2)
•  mercaptans

Full Product List
•  13X molecular sieve
•  carbon molecular sieve
•  activated carbon

nitrogen from hydrocarbon streams, increasing product value while reducing cost of transportation and storage

Full Product List
•  3A mercury adsorbent
•  13X mercury adsorbent

mercury from hydrocarbon streams, increasing product value and process safety by protecting the Cold Box; can be regenerated

Product Information

Hengye Inc. offers world-class solutions for your Natural Gas processing needs. As new supplies of Natural Gas are recovered around the globe, Hengye is dynamically adapting to the specific requirements for processing clean gas streams. Our expertly skilled team will help your plant create a capital gain by using our products to efficiently remove contaminants and create a high-value product.

WateRyd Adsorbents – Product Information
molecular sieves, activated aluminas, silica gels, and more

•  used for deep dehydration of natural gas
•  capable of removing water to less than 0.1 ppm
•  offers advantageous balance of crush strength and adsorption capacity
•  allows natural gas to be readily transported, liquefied, or processed in cryogenic separation

SulfuRyd Adsorbents – Product Information
molecular sieves, activated aluminas, and more

•  removes sulfurous compounds from gas streams
•  meet pipeline and environmental specification
•  allows natural gas to be readily transported or processed in cryogenic separation
•  offers advantageous kinetics and selectivity

NitroRyd Adsorbents – Product Information
molecular sieves, activated carbons, and more

•  removes nitrogen from natural gas streams
•  adsorbs to undetectable volumes to meet specification
•  increases product stream value while decreasing transportation and storage costs

MercuRyd Adsorbents – Product Information
molecular sieves and more

• removes mercury from natural gas streams
• helps prevent damage to the cold box and improves safety
• allows natural gas to be transported, liquefied, or processed in cryogenic separation
• offers a high capacity for mercury

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