Application Of Adsorbents and Catalysts

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Adsorbent Users

Hengye products are currently being utilized in multiple industries including refining, natural gas production, petrochemicals, air separation, ethanol production, and many more. We manufacture unique products for each market and take pride in assisting our customers to select the correct product for their application and aim to help them understand how each product works.

Natural Gas
Air Separation
Water Purification
Compressed Natural Gas Catalytic Reforming Aromatic Purification Biodiesel Air Prepurification Chlorine Removal
Liquefaction Hydrogen Purification Olefin Purification Ethanol Dehydration Compressed Air Fluorine Removal
Natural Gas Liquids Isomerization Syngas Purification Landfill Gas Cryogenic Separation Municipal Water Utilities
Nitrogen Rejection Units LPG Purification Siloxane Removal Desiccant Air Dryers Water Filtration
Peak Shaving Steam Methane Reforming Hydrogen Generation
Sulfur Recovery Units
Oxygen Generation

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