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Natural Gas Sweetening

Overview of Sulfur Mercaptan Removal


Our uniquely designed adsorbents are able to remove sulfur containing compounds including mercaptans and sulfides such as hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide (COS), and carbon disulfide (CS2) to meet your contamination requirements and create a clean final product with a higher value.

A sulfur adsorption bed may be added after the molecular sieve dehydration unit to focus on removing the undesirable sulfur species in the feed gas. Depending on the composition and content of the feed stream, various molecular sieves, activated aluminas, or specialized sulfur guards may be utilized to remove the sulfurous compounds and mercaptans down to acceptable specifications.


Products for Sulfur Removal

HYAS200 – Natural Gas Sweetening

Our team of engineers will analyze your feed stream and select the ideal product for maximizing the value of your product stream. From molecular sieves, activated aluminas, and specialized sulfur traps, we will ensure you receive the best solution for your specific needs.