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Sulfur Recovery Units


Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) are vital for many refining and natural gas operations. Many regulations require sulfur to be recovered before tail gas is flared to reduce the amount of sulfur polluted into the atmosphere. The recovered sulfur can be used for an array of different purposes including fertilizer additives or in the production of sulfuric acid.

How SRUs Work

In the Claus process, sulfur is recovered from H2S in Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) and can be used for an array of purposes including fertilizer additives. Hengye offers multiple variations in its branded SulCat Series of Claus catalysts to suit the needs of our users, depending on environmental requirements and feed composition. A918 can be used for recovery of sulfur from H2S. A958, A968, or A988 can be used to recover sulfur from H2S while also converting COS and CS2 into H2S to further remove the presence of sulfur from the stream.

Products for Sulfur Recovery Units

A900 products are hard working catalysts that provides a high surface area for the conversion of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen to form sulfur and water in the Claus Process. Some grades offer hydrolysis activity to convert other sulfurs to hydrogen sulfide.