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Static Industries

Desiccants are widely used in static industries that don’t require manipulating temperature or pressure, but can benefit from the use of molecular sieve, silica gel, and activated alumina.

Insulated Glass


Molecular sieve is used to constantly adsorb moisture and maintain the dew point from the interspaces of two panes of insulating glass; this minimizes the pressure differences between the two panes, which would eventually cause distortion or breakage. Using this product can dramatically extend the lifespan of an insulating glass unit and offers superior quality through its special design offering high water capacity, solvent capacity (to protect against cleaning solvents and paints), low dusting, low attrition, and low gas desorption.


HYD03A 3A Molecular Sieve Powder for Insulating Glass

Silica Gel

Silica gel is often used in static industries such as the storage of dry goods, medicine, or to protect jewelry, guns, and metal goods. Silica gel comes in a variety of forms including white or indicating types such as blue and yellow. A pH indicator is used in blue and yellow silica gels, which physically changes the appearance of the silica gel to let the users know when the silica gel has reached water capacity.

Products Used:

Standard Blue Silica Gel

Standard White Silica Gel 

Standard Yellow Silica Gel

Additional Uses

Molecular sieves are frequently used in other industries such as paint and coatings, glue and adhesives, and polymers and plastics. These molecular sieves can be in beaded or powder form and are versatile to fit most any industry.

Molecular Sieve
Specialty Silicas
Silica Gel