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Natural Gas Peak Shaving

Overview of Peak Shaving

Peak shaving units are often used to store natural gas during seasons where the supply is greater than the demand for natural gas, which can help stabilize prices throughout the year. Adsorbents can be used in peak shaving units to cryogenically recover natural gas liquids to maintain a suitable heating value of the natural gas for the end user. Our adsorbents are excellent products for deeply dehydrating natural gas streams, removing water, to allow cryogenic hydrocarbon recovery.

Products for Peak Shaving

HYAA300 – natural gas dehydration
HYAA300 is manufactured to remove water from saturated natural gas streams. Water must be removed before natural gas can be processed and this alumina can offer the bulk dehydration capabilities required to minimize the presence of water. This activated alumina is often used in combination with molecular sieve and can function as a guard layer.

  • • used to dehydrate saturated natural gas streams
  • • allows natural gas to be further processed and cryogenically separated
  • • typically used in combination with molecular sieve
  • • offers advantageous adsorption capacity for water