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Nitrogen Rejection Units

Overview of Nitrogen Rejection Units

Nitrogen (N2) is commonly found in natural gas streams. Natural occurrences of nitrogen are typically low, but higher compositions can be caused by the injection of nitrogen into a gas pocket to increase the pressure inside and enhance drilling processes. For natural gas to maintain value and working ability, the composition of nitrogen should be below one percent and any excess nitrogen will need to be removed. Removing nitrogen from natural gas streams will also reduce the overall product stream volume during transportation, creating cost savings. Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRUs) are used to remove nitrogen from natural gas streams. Some NRU designs utilize molecular sieve under Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to selectively remove nitrogen to under one percent.

Products for Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRUs)

Nitrogen Rejection Unit – Pipeline standards require natural gas to contain less than 4% of nitrogen. Nitrogen rejection units require adsorbent to remove the necessary nitrogen in order for natural gas pipeline transport.