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Nitrogen Purification

Overview of Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is a valuable gas that is used in many applications from filling rubber tires to powering lasers. Nitrogen can be produced using atmospheric air and can be either adsorbed or rejected during Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) processes to create a high purity stream.

Our CMS products are capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen using a wide variety of different separation techniques. Whether you’re creating a nitrogen stream from atmospheric air or purifying an existing stream for high purity, we have the product for you.


Products for Nitrogen Generation

CMS – Carbon Molecular Sieve

CMS is specially manufactured for nitrogen generation and selectively removes oxygen to produce a high purity nitrogen stream. This purification process allows near pure nitrogen streams to be used in a range of applications. This molecular sieve offers an ideal selectivity and can remove dust, oil, and water, and create high purity nitrogen streams.

  • • used to remove oxygen, water, and more from nitrogen streams
  • • capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen
  • • allows nitrogen to be used as an input gas for other processes
  • • offers an ideal selectivity for impurities and yields a high-quality stream