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Natural Gas Dehydration

Overview of Natural Gas Dehydration

Our dehydration grade (DG) adsorbents are specially designed to remove water and create a product that is suitable to be cryogenically separated and liquefied. Removing water from natural gas streams before entering the cryogenic process is vital to prevent freezing within the distillation tower and pipelines. Aside from dehydration, we offer a wide selection of natural gas purification products.

How it Works

Hengye Inc. offers world-class solutions for your Natural Gas processing needs. As new supplies of Natural Gas are recovered around the globe, Hengye is dynamically adapting to the specific requirements for processing clean gas streams. Our expertly skilled team will help create a capital gain by efficiently removing contaminants and creating a high-value product.

Natural gas is one of the world’s leading energy sources and is a cleaner source of energy when compared to burning coal. To help create a product that is valuable to the market, natural gas streams first need to be processed, contaminants removed, and often liquefied for transportation purposes. During the pretreat process, natural gas liquids (NGL), which include propane (C3H8), butanes (C4H10), and heavier hydrocarbons are recovered and further processed to be sold for other uses. After pretreating the natural gas stream, contaminants and byproducts including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), water (H2O), ethane (C2H6), and nitrogen are removed and the gas can then be liquefied and compressed, separated in cryogenic distillation, or transported via pipeline.

Products for Dehydration

HYAA300 – natural gas dehydration
Powerful, dehydration grade adsorbents that deeply dry natural gas streams to prevent freezing before cryogenic separation. Both Type 3A and Type 4A are available for use, depending on the preference of plant operators.

We also offer additional adsorbents for specialized processes such as Cryogenic Natural Gas Purification, Liquefaction, Peak Shaving, Hydrocarbon Dew Pointing, and more.