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Natural Gas Liquefaction

Overview of Liquefaction

The main purpose of liquefying natural gas is to create a denser form that takes up less space by reducing the natural gas to 1/600 of its gaseous volume. A more dense gas form is useful for transportation via pipeline, rail, or in tankers as it becomes more a easily transportable product. Our adsorbents will ensure your natural gas is sufficiently dehydrated before liquefaction to prevent any freezing within the system.

Products for Liquefaction

HYAA300 Activated Alumina – natural gas dehydration
HYAA300 is manufactured to remove water from saturated natural gas streams. Water must be removed before natural gas can be processed and this alumina can offer the bulk dehydration capabilities required to minimize the presence of water. This activated alumina is often used in combination with molecular sieve and can function as a guard layer.

  • • used to dehydrate saturated natural gas streams
  • • allows natural gas to be further processed and cryogenically separated
  • • typically used in combination with molecular sieve
  • • offers advantageous adsorption capacity for water
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