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Industrial Oxygen (Large Scale Oxygen)

Overview of Industrial Oxygen (Large Scale Oxygen)

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is widely used in air separation plants. PSA separation techniques tend to replace the traditional cryogenic air separation because of its low investment, low energy consumption, and easy operation. Oxygen and nitrogen are separated, and then oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is captured. This process occurs under the principle that molecular sieve for oxygen generation adsorbs nitrogen and oxygen at different rates in a certain pressure condition. Once separated, the oxygen stream can be used in various refining processes, as feed gas for pneumatic equipment, utilized for breathing oxygen, and for other industries that require high purity oxygen streams.

A compressor is used to intake air, which then passes through molecular sieve beds where oxygen is separated from nitrogen. These large scale units allow oxygen to be generated in high volumes, generally used in industrial applications. Once separated, oxygen can be liquefied and stored, used as feed gas, and more.

HYD10A Products for Oxygen Generation

HYD10A Product Line – molecular sieve

OxyFlo molecular sieves are specially designed to generate high purity streams of oxygen. There are a variety of OxyFlo products to meet the wide variety of equipment in the oxygen concentrator industry.