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Hydrogen fuel Purification

Overview of Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen is remarked as the fuel of the future because of the clean environment it produces when being used and the many resources that it can be obtained from. Hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, and water electrolysis with wind, solar, or grid electricity. Hydrogen fuel can provide motive power for liquid-propellant rockets, cars, trucks, trains, boats and airplanes, portable fuel cell applications or stationary fuel cell applications, which can power an electric motor.

Hydrogen Purification

Hydrogen fuel is the most promising clean energy source in the near future and in order for it to be used in fuel cells it must meet certain purification levels that adsorbents can help achieve. Fuel cells can be used in a wide range of applications, including transportation, material handling and stationary, portable, and emergency backup power.

Products for Hydrogen Purification

· HYD05C 5A Molecular Sieve
· HYD10A 13X Molecular Sieve

HYD05C & HYD10A molecular sieve are the adsorbents available that can achieve high purification levels of Hydrogen. These particular adsorbents remove common impurities found within hydrogen streams in steam methane reforming processes. Although both sizes can get the job done, for high production volumes of Hydrogen fuel HYD10A would be recommended over the HYD05C (due to higher quality and better sustainability over time). These adsorbents are either used in Thermal Swing Adsorption Units (TSA) or Pressure Swing Adsorption Units (PSA) in order to achieve the desired gas separation.

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