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Ethylene Purification

Overview of Ethylene Purification

Hengye Inc. manufactures various adsorbents for the natural gas industry to remove contaminants and create high value products. Depending on the composition of your feed stream and the demands for your final product, Hengye will assist in your selection for the ideal adsorbent to give heightened results. Our WateRyd products will dehydrate natural gas to fit specifications for: pipeline transportation, compression, liquefaction, cryogenic separation, and more. If the natural gas stream is heavily sour, Hengye’s specialized sulfur removing adsorbents can be used to remove mercaptans and sulfides to allow the product stream to meet environmental requirements and customer specifications. When mercury is present, Hengye offers impregnated adsorbents, which can amalgamate with the mercury and remove it from the stream to meet environmental requirements and prevent the corrosion of downstream equipment.

How it Works

Hengye Inc. offers world-class solutions for your Natural Gas processing needs. As new supplies of Natural Gas are recovered around the globe, Hengye is dynamically adapting to the specific requirements for processing clean gas streams. Our expertly skilled team will help create a capital gain by efficiently removing contaminants and creating a high-value product.

Natural gas is one of the world’s leading energy sources and is a cleaner source of energy when compared to burning coal. To help create a product that is valuable to the market, natural gas streams first need to be processed, contaminants removed, and often liquefied for transportation purposes. During the pretreat process, natural gas liquids (NGL), which include propane (C3H8), butanes (C4H10), and heavier hydrocarbons are recovered and further processed to be sold for other uses. After pretreating the natural gas stream, contaminants and byproducts including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), water (H2O), ethane (C2H6), and nitrogen are removed and the gas can then be liquefied and compressed, separated in cryogenic distillation, or transported via pipeline.

Natural Gas Products

Water Removal – Dehydration Units and Beyond

HYAA3300 comes in a variety of options to meet the vast needs of natural gas dehydration processes including:

  • • General dehydration and pipeline transportation
  • • Liquefaction
  • • Peak shaving
Sulfur Removal – Gas Sweetening

Natural Gas Sweetening – molecular sieves and activated aluminas
Natural Gas Sweetening products come in a variety of options to offer the most ideal sulfur removal performance depending on the specific needs of each natural gas plant and feed stream.

Mercury Removal

Our Mercury Removal adsorbents are specially manufactured to remove mercury from natural gas.

Nitrogen Removal – Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU)

NRU products are capable of removing nitrogen of any content from natural gas streams to create a more pure and higher value natural gas that is easy for transport.

Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control

Dew Point Control Products – specialty silicas
These specialty silica products don’t crack or pop when exposed to water and is capable of dehydrating hydrocarbon streams to control the dew point of various fractions.


Products for Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control
Product Name Adsorbent Type Beads (mesh) Packaging Options
HY-H silica alumina 5×10, 6×18 super sacks, drums, bags
HY-W silica alumina 6×10 super sacks, drums, bags