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Molecular Sieve

Dehydrating Natural Gas


Our high-grade adsorbents are specially designed to remove water and create a product that is suitable for cryogenic separation, liquefaction, and more. Removing water from natural gas streams to less than 0.1 ppm before cryogenic processing is vital to prevent freezing and flow blockage within the distillation tower and pipelines. Additional molecular sieve units or layered bed layouts may also be utilized to remove other contaminants such as mercury, carbon dioxide, and sulfurous compounds such as mercaptans.

Product for Dehydrating Natural Gas

HYG04HD is specially manufactured for the deep dehydration of natural gas and NGLs and selectively removes water from these streams. This dehydration process allows natural gas to be separated in cryogenic units, liquefied, or transported via pipeline. This molecular sieve offers a high density to increase volumetric capacity by allowing more material into a defined space.


(Y)a x [(AlO2)a(SiO2)b] x cH2O (Y = Na)