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Biomethane Dehydration

Overview of Biogas Dehydration

Our biogas adsorbents are specially designed to remove water from reclaimed methane gas and create a product stream that is suitable for use and sales. Aside from dehydration, we offer a wide selection of biogas purification products.

How it Works

Biomethane is generally processed in liquid phase and can be treated in a variety of methods and conditions. Both batch processing and continuous drying operations can be used for processing biogas depending on the specific needs of the operator and the equipment that’s available.

Products for Dehydration

HYAA300 is manufactured to remove water from saturated natural gas streams. Water must be removed before natural gas can be processed and this alumina can offer the bulk dehydration capabilities required to minimize the presence of water. This activated alumina is often used in combination with molecular sieve and can function as a guard layer.

  • • used to dehydrate saturated natural gas streams
  • • allows natural gas to be further processed and cryogenically separated
  • • typically used in combination with molecular sieve
  • • offers advantageous adsorption capacity for water
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