Air Separation

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Air Purification

Overview of Air Treatment

From basic air purification to inert gas generation, we have an array of products for creating high-purity air streams. Some of our products are used to clean the air to increase air quality in office buildings while others are used for generating pure gas streams such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and inert gases.

Products for Air Treatment

AirFlo A MP – promoted alumina
This product is great removing impurities from the air in large buildings near areas of high pollution such as large cities.
AirFlo A PC – catalyst
This deoxidant catalyst is ideal for generating high purity streams of inert gas such as argon, helium, neon, krypton, xenon, etc.

Cryogenic Air Separation

Overview of Cryogenic Air Prepurification

When large amounts of high purity gas is required, some air separation plants use cryogenic air separation technology, which brings gases to extremely low temperatures and allows plants to separate various gases by its condensation point. Gas that is cryogenically separated needs to have extremely low levels of water and carbon oxides in the stream to prevent freezing and blockage.

Products for Cryogenic Air Prepurification

CryoDry – molecular sieve
CryoDry molecular sieves will deeply dehydrate feed streams prior to cryogenic separation to prevent freezing.

Oxygen Separation

Oxygen Generation

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is widely used in air separation plants. PSA separation techniques tend to replace the traditional cryogenic air separation because of its low investment, low energy consumption, and easy operation. Oxygen or nitrogen is separated, and then oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is captured. This process occurs under the principle that molecular sieve for oxygen generation adsorbs nitrogen and oxygen at different rates in a certain pressure condition.

Products for Oxygen Generation

OxyFlo – molecular sieve
OxyFlo molecular sieves are specially designed to generate high purity streams of oxygen. There are a variety of OxyFlo sieves to meet the wide demand varieties in the oxygen generation industry.

Hydrogen Separation

Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen is a valuable input gas in many applications including refining. Hydrogen can be produced intentionally or as a byproduct in other processes and our products allow these high-content hydrogen streams to be further refined and purified, which allows its use as an input gas.

Products for Hydrogen Generation

HydroFlo – molecular sieves and catalysts
Our HydroFlo products are capable of generating high purity streams of hydrogen from an array of feed stocks. Whether using atmospheric air to isolate hydrogen or purifying hydrogen from Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), we have the ideal product for you.

Nitrogen Separation

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is a valuable gas that is used in many applications from filling rubber tires to powering lasers. Nitrogen can be produced using atmospheric air and can be either adsorbed or rejected during Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) processes to create a high purity stream.

Products for Nitrogen Generation

NitroFlo – molecular sieves, catalysts, and activated carbons
Our NitroFlo products are capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen using a wide variety of different separation techniques. Whether you’re creating a nitrogen stream from atmospheric air or purifying an existing stream for high purity, we have the product for you.

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