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Cryogenic Air Pre-Purification

Overview of Cryogenic Air Pre-Purification

Air separation plants use cryogenic air separation technology to bring gas streams to extremely low temperatures, which allows plants to separate various gases by the condensation point. Gas that is cryogenically separated needs to have extremely low levels of water, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide in the stream to prevent freezing and blockage.

Products for Cryogenic Air Pre-Purification

HYD10D 13X Molecular Sieve, Beads

HYD10D molecular sieves will deeply dehydrate feed streams prior to cryogenic separation to prevent freezing during the separation process.

Hydrogen Purification

Overview of Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen is a valuable gas used in many different applications including refining processes. Hydrogen can be produced from the atmospheric air by separating out other compounds. In Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), on purpose hydrogen is generated to be used in other refining processes as an added gas to boost reactions, improve hydrogenation, regenerate catalysts, and more. In catalytic reforming, hydrogen is created as a byproduct, and is of high value in other refining processes. For reliable, clean hydrogen streams, refineries select our specialized hydrogen purification products, which remove water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and methane to create an end product of high purity hydrogen.

Products for Hydrogen Purification

HYGB500A – molecular sieve and catalysts

HydroFlo products are capable of generating high purity streams of hydrogen from an array of feed stocks, whether using atmospheric air to isolate hydrogen or purifying hydrogen from Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) feed, we will help select the ideal product for you.

Oxygen Purification

Overview of Oxygen Generation

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is widely used in air separation plants. PSA separation techniques tend to replace the traditional cryogenic air separation because of its low investment, low energy consumption, and easy operation. Oxygen and nitrogen are separated, and then oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is captured. This process occurs under the principle that molecular sieve for oxygen generation adsorbs nitrogen and oxygen at different rates in a certain pressure condition. Once separated, the oxygen stream can be used in various refining processes, as feed gas for pneumatic equipment, utilized for breathing oxygen, and for other industries that require high purity oxygen streams.

How Large Scale Oxygen Generation Works

A compressor is used to intake air, which then passes through molecular sieve beds where oxygen is separated from nitrogen. These large scale units allow oxygen to be generated in high volumes, generally used in industrial applications. Once separated, oxygen can be liquefied and stored, used as feed gas, and more.

How Small Units Work

Molecular sieve is used to produce oxygen for use in or out of the home. A compressor is used to intake air from the surrounding environment, which is then processed in molecular sieve beds where nitrogen is removed. Oxygen is then pumped into the product tank, and the sieve bed is regenerated to allow the process to be repeated. The small size of these units require small beads to allow sufficient oxygen production, while remaining light enough for the user to carry.

OxyFlo Products for Oxygen Generation

HYDB100D – molecular sieve

HYDB100D is specially manufactured for oxygen generation and selectively removes contaminants such as water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen from feed gas. This purification process creates ultra-high purity oxygen that can be used in as an input gas or for breathing oxygen. This molecular sieve is available in small beads that offer rapid adsorption/desorption rates with quick mass transfer properties.

  • • used to remove impurities from oxygen streams
  • • capable of generating ultra-high purity streams of oxygen
  • • allows oxygen to be used as an input gas for other processes
  • • small beads offer rapid adsorption/desorption rates

Nitrogen Purification

Overview of Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is a valuable gas that is used in many applications from filling rubber tires to powering lasers. Nitrogen can be produced using atmospheric air and can be either adsorbed or rejected during Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) processes to create a high purity stream.

Our NitroFlo products are capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen using a wide variety of different separation techniques. Whether you’re creating a nitrogen stream from atmospheric air or purifying an existing stream for high purity, we have the product for you.

Products for Nitrogen Generation

CMS – Carbon Molecular Sieve 200, 220, 240, 260

CMS products are capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen using a wide variety of different separation techniques by selectively removing oxygen and other impurities from the feed stream.