Air Separationair separation

Adsorbents are used in a range of air separation, purification, and compression applications. Air must go through separation processes to obtain valuable gases at a purity level that must be met whether its oxygen or nitrogen. Argon and other gases in air must be treated to achieve requirement of impurity levels. Click any link below to learn more about adsorbents in your industry.

Medical Oxygen Generation

Medical Oxygen

Molecular sieve is used to produce oxygen for use in or out of the home. A compressor is used to intake air from the surrounding environment, which is then processed in molecular sieve beds where nitrogen is removed. Oxygen is then pumped into the product tank, and the sieve bed is regenerated to allow the process to be repeated. The small size of these units require small beads to allow sufficient oxygen production… Read More…

Industrial Oxygen Generation

Industrial Oxygen

A compressor is used to intake air, which then passes through molecular sieve beds where oxygen is separated from nitrogen. These large scale units allow oxygen to be generated in high volumes, generally used in industrial applications. Once separated, oxygen can be liquefied and stored. Read More…

Nitrogen Production

Nitrogen Production

Nitrogen is a valuable gas that is used in many applications from filling rubber tires to powering lasers. Nitrogen can be produced using atmospheric air and can be either adsorbed or rejected during Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) processes to create a high purity stream.

Our products are capable of generating high purity streams of nitrogen using a wide variety of different separation techniques. Whether you’re creating a nitrogen stream from atmospheric air or purifying an existing stream for high purity, we have the product for you. Read More…