Supporting what we sell

Our all-inclusive engineering services are available on-site to insure your whole cycle operation will benefit.  From simple guidance to entire process calculations, we help our customers succeed by showing them how to get the best performance out of our material.  There are a host of technical issues that come with using selective media in a process.  With 25+ years of experience behind you and a bullet-proof guarantee, this insures that control, correction and material performance is optimized .  This ultimately leads to better results.  We are Hengye… and that’s how we roll.

A Clear difference

Before you become a customer, it will quickly become clear to you that you’re dealing with a World-Class Manufacturer.   We expect that you’ve done your homework, your engineers are near their final determination and there’s allot at stake.  We have always believed that despite the efforts of some to cannibalize the business of selective media, over the long term the truth will prevail.  Bead design and quality matters.  Poor quality shows its ugly face time and time again with faster product replacement, lower output and potentially damaged equipment.  Why even go there?  Save a few pennies now only to throw dollars later.  In our experience, it’s not worth it.

support services

  • Process Technology Assessment
  • System Monitoring
  • Metallurgy
  • Material Application Training and Support
  • Remote Analysis

The Hengye support team combines deep industry knowledge of specific applications technology to insure optimal performance throughout the whole relationship… we take care of our customers and help them to succeed.

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Mark Binns
Technical Business Director
Hengye, Inc.