Product Application

HYAA300 is commonly used to adsorb gases and liquids and can be used as a catalyst or carrier. Standard Activated Alumina is frequently used as a filter to remove contaminants from various feed streams, such as fluorine from drinking water and as a catalyst for applications such as sulfur removal in the Claus Process.

Product Specifications
Standard Activated Alumina HYAA300Beads
PropertyUnit1/8 Inch1/8 Avg*3/16 Inch3/16 Avg*1/4 Inch1/4 Avg*
Particle Sizemm2.36-4.03.3-3.94.0-6.05.0-5.65.0-7.05.6-6.2
Qualified Size Ratio%≥90≥90≥90
Surface Aream2/g≥300343.6≥300322.58≥300315.2
Pore Volumecc/g≥0.40≥0.40≥0.40
Bulk Densitylb/ft346.2±245.545.0±244.945.6±244.6
Crush Strengthlbf≥30.039.5≥36.063.845.072.5
Water Adsorption
wt%RH75%: ≥22.0,
RH60%: ≥17.0
LOI 570-1,835˚Fwt%≤8.0≤8.0≤8.0
LOI 32-570˚Fwt%≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0
PackagingBead2,204.6lb / Super Sack330.7lb / Drum55.1lb / Bag
*Avg refers to a 12 month average of lot analyses

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Industries Used
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Water Filtration
  • Natural Gas Dehydration