Z-Series Refrigerant – Molecular Service


Z300B is used to dehydrate new types of refrigerants, such as R-134A, found in household and commercial refrigerators, iceboxes, and air conditioners. It can also be applied in specialized refrigerants such as butane in “green refrigerators
Z300C is applied in the dehydration of refrigerants (excluding refrigerant mixtures containing difluoromethane) in air conditioners, refrigerators and iceboxes. This “standard” product is most commonly used for refrigerant
Z300F is applied in the dehydration of environment-friendly refrigerants R-410A, R-407C, R-404A, R-507
Z325 is specifically designed for use in the purification of refrigerant R-134A. This molecular sieve has a high selective adsorption for HCFC1122 from R-134A refrigerant and reduces impurities to less than 2ppm

Z404B molecular sieve is commonly applied in dehydration of air conditioning systems in automobiles and for the removal of moisture in the air brake systems to avoid blocking from contaminants and to prevent ice from freezing the system

Product Specifications
Refrigerant Z-SeriesBeadsHYGZ300BHYGZ300CHYGZ300FHYZZ325HYZZ404B
PropertyUnit8×12 Mesh8×12 Mesh8×12 Mesh8×12 Mesh8×12 Mesh
Diametermm1.6 – 2.51.6 – 2.51.6 – 2.53.0 – 5.01.6 – 2.5
Bulk Densitylb/ft3≥ 53≥ 53≥ 5347.4 – 51.251 – 55
Crush Strengthlbf≥ 15.7≥ 15.7≥ 15.7≥ 15.7≥ 15.5 (wet)
≥ 5.5 (dry)
Static H2O Adsorptionwt%≥ 19.5≥ 18.5≥ 16.0≥ 20.0≥ 21.0
Attrition (dry)wt%≤ 0.1≤ 0.1≤ 0.1≤ 0.1≤ 0.1
Attrition (wet)wt%≤ 2.0≤ 2.0≤ 2.0
Moisture Contentwt%≤ 1.0≤ 1.0≤ 1.0≤ 2.0≥ 1.5
PackagingZ300B, Z300C, Z300F1,543.2lb / Super Sack396.8lb / Drum330.7lb / Drum
PackagingZ325Super Sack options available330.7lb / Drum
PackagingZ404B2,204.6lb / Super Sack352.7lb / Drum

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Industries Used
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning
  • Auto Brakes