Product Application

OxyFlo products are specially manufactured for oxygen generation and can selectively remove contaminants such as water, carbon dioxide, and more from feed gas. This purification process allows oxygen to be used in compressors, pneumatic equipment, as a process gas, and more. These molecular sieves offer high adsorption capacity and an ideal selectivity for impurities.

  • used to create high purity oxygen streams
  • offers a wide selectivity for impurities
  • ideal adsorption/desorption characteristics, optimized adsorption kinetics
  • creates oxygen streams suitable for industrial use, pneumatic equipment, and more


OxyFlo Product Line

OxyFlo comes in a variety of options depending on the equipment available and the intended use of the oxygen product stream.

OxyFlo I DA Type 13X molecular sieve industrial 4×8, 8×121/8, 1/16super sacks, drums OxyFlo I DD Type 13X molecular sieve industrial, breathing 4×8, 6×8, 8×12, 10×20, 20×40 no super sacks options, drums OxyFlo ND SodiumX molecular sieve industrial, breathing8x12, 20×40 no super sacks options, drums OxyFlo LC LithiumX molecular sieve industrial, breathing 10×16, 8×14 no drums OxyFlo NN SodiumX molecular sieve breathing 20×40 no drums OxyFlo LD LithiumX molecular sieve breathing 20×40 no drums

OxyFlo for Oxygen Concentration
Product Name Adsorbent Type Grade Beads (mesh) Pellets (inch) Packaging Options
OxyFlo V Type 5A molecular sieve industrial 4×8, 8×12 no super sacks, drums

industries used:

  • oxygen concentration
  • oxygen generation

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