HYD03A: Matrix 3A


Matrix 3A is manufactured for water and moisture control applications by selectively removing water from the surrounding environment. The addition of 3A powder to polymer mixtures will create an adsorbent matrix that prevents the formation of bubbles and increases the lifespan of adhesives, paints, polymers, sealants, and more. This molecular sieve offers a high adsorption capacity for both static and dynamic adsorption processes.

  • • used to increase the integrity of polymer mixtures
  • • capable of removing water and preventing the formation of gas and bubbles
  • • allows polymer mixtures to offer a longer lifespan
  • • offers low dust and attrition properties as well as low gas desorption

Chemical Formula

(Y)a x [(AlO2)a(SiO2)b] x cH2O      (Y = Na, K)


industries used:

coatings glue paint, plastic, polymer mixtures, refrigerants, sealants


As an adsorbent, molecular sieve should not be left exposed to open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging. This product should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 230˚C (450˚F).

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