HYD03C: EthaDry

Products for Ethanol Dehydration Units

EthaDry – 3A molecular sieve
We considered the conditions that dehydration units need to be able to operate at peak performance and designed a molecular sieve with ideal physical properties and selectivity to optimize productivity.

Product Application

EthaDry is specifically manufactured for use in Ethanol Dehydration Units (EDUs) to remove water from ethanol streams. This dehydration process creates a fuel grade ethanol that can be used for direct blending and ETBE production, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and more. This molecular sieve has a high selectivity for water over ethanol molecules, which can increase both operating efficiency and capacity.

  • used for the dehydration of ethanol
  • capable of removing water to less than one percent
  • allows ethanol to be used in biofuels, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals
  • offers advantageous crush strength, adsorption capacity, and selectivity for water

Chemical Formula

(Y)a x [(AlO2)a(SiO2)b] x cH2O      (Y = Na, K)


Industries Used

ethanol dehydration

Why does using Hengye Sieve for Ethanol Dehydration matter?

The Mass Transfer Zone (MTZ) is strongly effected by the properties of the molecular sieve being used. Bulk density will change the speed at which the beads become saturated and can alter both cycle time and the overall adsorption capacity of the bead. If the Mass Transfer Rate (MTR) is slow, the MTZ is increased, which causes a breakthrough to occur while much of the bed still remains useful. A faster MTR is ideal for getting the most use out of your dehydration units each cycle.

Quality Ask to see our Certificates of Analysis from recent production lots, which supplement our provided specification sheets.

Efficiency The Hengye Inc. team will calculate the efficiency of your system upon request and explain the various physical attributes of molecular sieve to assist in your decision making.

Technical Support A top priority at Hengye Inc. is to give our customers end-to-end Technical Support over the long term so that customers have the right product for the task at hand.

Cost Savings With large amounts of product in your ethanol dehydration system, it’s easy to understand how small differences in temperature or a miscalculation from product quality can lead to significant losses or gains in profitability and at Hengye Inc. we will support you every step of the way.

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As an adsorbent, molecular sieve should not be left exposed to open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging. This product should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 230˚C (450˚F).