Product Application

HYZSM5 is a specially manufactured synthetic zeolite with an MFI Framework that is used in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs) to provide high catalytic activity, low coke formation, and reliable stability. Due to its cation, this catalyst is used in acid-catalyzed reactions for hydrocarbon isomerization and alkylation such as the isomerization of meta-xylene to para-xylene. This framework can also be used with an impregnation to produce more specialized catalysts to accelerate reactions.

  • • used in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCs) and methanol to propylene or gasoline processes
  • • capable of producing a product stream with a higher value
  • • can be used in alkylation, isomerization, aromatization, dewaxing, and more
  • • offers high reactivity as a catalyst with low coke formation


industries used:

  • catalyst base
  • hydrocarbon alkylation, isomerization
  • ethanol oxidation
  • acetic acid, acetaldehyde production
  • fluid catalytic cracking
  • methanol to propylene
  • methanol to gasoline


This product should not be left exposed to open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging.

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