Molecular Sieve is commonly utilized for Medical Oxygen generation to adsorb nitrogen (N2) and create a dry, clean oxygen (O2) stream, with a desired purity above 95% oxygen. Once separated, the oxygen can flow directly to the patient in portable units, or liquified and stored in tanks that can later be used to deliver oxygen.


Our unique manufacturing process yields strong, efficient beads, while keeping dust to a minimum. As a product used to provide life sustaining oxygen for human use, we demand high quality raw materials from our providers, so we can produce molecular sieve that is safe and reliable. To better serve the market, we offer both small size beads for portable units, and large beads sufficient for large scale production.

Portable Units

Molecular Sieve is used to produce medical oxygen for use in patients in or out of the home or hospital. Atmospheric air enters a compressor, passes through the surge tank, then through sieve beds, where nitrogen is removed. Oxygen is then pumped into the product tank, and the sieve bed is regenerated to allow the process to be repeated. The small, portable size of these units require small beads to allow sufficient oxygen production, while remaining light enough for the user to carry.
Hengye Inc. has designed two products to suit the needs of this market:

  • HYGB100N for use in five liter units
  • HYGB100D for use in ten liter units

Large Scale Medical Oxygen Production

Molecular Sieve is also used in large scale oxygen production. A compressor intakes air, which passes through an air separation unit, where oxygen is separated. Once separated, oxygen is liquified to be used to fill air tanks that can be stored and used, at a later time, to deliver a steady stream of oxygen to the patient until the oxygen tank runs empty and will need to be refilled.
Hengye Inc. has designed two products for this application:

  • HYDB100D is low cost and sufficient to generate pure oxygen
  • HYGB100C is a high efficiency sieve