Indicating – Silica Gel


Indicating Silica Gel is made by processing sodium silicate to create a porous form of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silica Gel can appear as beads or in granular form, tough and hard, and resembles glass. This product is a desiccant and is typically used in static applications to dry and maintain the humidity of a contained area. Using Silica Gel with indicating abilities allows the user to know when the product has reached its adsorption capacity.

Product Application

Blue Silica Gel can be utilized to maintain the integrity and quality of leather, shoes, clothes, foodstuffs, electronics, & medicine. With cobalt chloride, Blue Silica Gel turns from blue to pink after adsorbing moisture, visually indicating adsorption capacity has been reached and the product needs to be regenerated.

Yellow Silica Gel has been enhanced with phenolphthalein to allow for color indication. Yellow Silica Gel is sometimes
used in place of blue and is considered very safe for use around food or medicine.

Product Specification
Indicating Silica GelBlue CobaltYellow
Indicates asPinkPinkPinkGreen
Qualified Ratio of Particle Size%< (mm)≤ 3.0≤ 3.0≤ 3.0
Qualified Ratio of Particle Size%> (mm)≤ 3.0≤ 3.0≤ 3.0
Bulk Densitylb/ft3≥ 46.5≥ 46.5≥ 45≥ 46.5
Adsorption CapacityRH=20%≥ 8.00≥ 8.00≥ 8≥ 8.00
Adsorption CapacityRH=35%≥ 13.00≥ 13.00≥ 13≥ 13.00
Adsorption CapacityRH=50%≥ 20.00≥ 20.00≥ 20≥ 20.00
Specific ResistanceΩ.cm≥ 1500≥ 1500≥ 4000
Loss on Ignitionwt%≤ 2.0≤ 2.0≤ 5.0≤ 2.0
Qualified Size Ratio%≤ 90.0≤ 90.0≤ 94≤ 90.0
PackagingBeadSuper Sack options available55.1lb / Bag

Industries Used
  • Small Desiccant Packaging
  • Dehumidification
  • Natural Gas Conditioning


Adsorbents cannot be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging.

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