HYG04C can be applied to dehydrate both liquid and gas streams, and is commonly used to remove water from air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, coal gas, and hydrogen streams. This molecular sieve can also be applied to dehydrate refrigerants and solvents, as an adsorbent for polyurethane, or to purify argon gas. HYG04C is specially designed to offer a high volumetric capacity, which allows more material in the vessel and a higher working capacity per cycle.

Industries Used
Polar Liquid Drying
Ethanol Drying
Methanol Drying
Cracked Gas Dehydration
Biofuel Production
Oil Refining
Refrigerant Drying
Solvent Drying
Polyurethane Coatings
Polymer Systems
Static Drying
Dehydration of Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Streams: cracked gas, acetylene, ethylene, propylene, butadiene
Gas Dehydration: argon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, coal gas, hydrogen, natural gas, oxygen, petroleum gas

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