Product Application

HYCA23S is custom designed to provide optimum adsorption of hydrochloric acid from vapor and liquid phase process streams. This activated alumina is commonly used in vapor phase chloride traps, in catalytic reforming processes, where optimum HCl adsorption capacity and minimal polymer formation is desirable. The high macroporosity of HYCA23S improves diffusion rates to assure high hydrochloric acid adsorption capacity. Liquid naphtha reformate streams often contain sufficient amounts of HCl to cause corrosion and NH4Cl plugging problems in heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, and stabilizer towers. HYCA23S is an excellent HCL scavenger for these streams at both ambient and elevated temperatures. The use of this alumina as a chloride adsorbent allows continuous operation without the problems associated with water washing of chloride deposits in process equipment. Additionally, this adsorbent is used to remove HCl and free chloride ions in petrochemical production processes.

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