HY-H is chemically stable, flame resistant, and insoluble in most solvents, except strong alkalis or hydrofluoric acid. Compared to fine-pored silica gel, adsorption capacity remains nearly the same when used at low relative humidity, its capacity at high humidity is 6-10% higher, and its thermal stability is over 150˚C (302˚F) higher. This product is suitable for applications with dynamic temperature and humidity, and is often used for separating light hydrocarbons from natural gas by reducing the dew point to produce gasoline and natural gas, which is also dried during the process. HY-H can also be used in static applications such as in PSA applications, as a catalyst or a carrier, and in high temperature TSA applications. To complement HY-H, a 10-20% (by weight) protective layer of HY-W can be added to natural gas separating systems and can help when water drip exists.

Industries Used
Natural Gas Conditioning
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Desiccant Drying
Air Separation
Compressed Air Dryers
Industrial Gas Separation
LNG Dryers
Light Hydrocarbon Separation
Catalyst, Carrier

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