Ethanol Dehydration

Molecular Sieve is widely used in the Biofuel industry for removing water from Ethanol in the generation process. Ethadry, a Type 3A Molecular Sieve, has been designed specifically for use in ethanol production, and can improve the dynamic adsorption capacity of water, raise ethanol output, and reduce byproducts.


Dehydration Units

At atmospheric pressure, the mixture of alcohol and water will form an azeotropic mixture when the alcohol mass fraction reaches 95.57% (w/w); namely the volume fraction of 97.2% (v/v). The alcohol’s purity cannot exceed 97.2% (v/v) through the ordinary distillation process.

To further achieve high purity anhydrous ethanol, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology along with Molecular Sieves must be applied. After dehydration and condensation, anhydrous ethanol with the volume fraction of 99.5%-99.98% (v/v) can be achieved. Compared to the traditional azeotropic distillation, a Molecular Sieve process has the advantage of high dehydration qualities, advanced technology, and low energy consumption.

Why does using Hengye Molecular Sieve for Ethanol Dehydration matter?

Quality: Ask to see our Certificates of Analysis from recent production lots, which supplement our provided specification sheets.

Working Capacity: A 1% difference in operating efficiency – working capacity could represent a one million gallon yield difference each year. At $2/gallon, that’s 2 million dollars per year!

Durability: Molecular Sieve, in this application, should last 7 years. Inferior durability, crush strength, and attrition will reduce the service life of the Molecular Sieve.

Efficiency: The Hengye Inc., team will calculate the efficiency of your system upon request and explain the various physical attributes of Molecular Sieve to assist in your decision making.

Technical Support: A top priority at Hengye Inc. is to give our customers end-to-end Technical Support over the long term so that customers have the right product for the task at hand.

Cost Savings: With large amounts of product in your ethanol dehydration system, it’s easy to understand how small differences in temperature or a miscalculation from product quality can lead to significant losses or gains in profitability and at Hengye Inc. we will support you every step of the way.


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