Carbon Molecular Sieve


Carbon molecular sieve is a nonpolar adsorbent, which at room temperature and varying pressure, will adsorb oxygen and separate nitrogen from the air. This product meets the requirements of PSA nitrogen systems, yet can also be used for LPG refining, heat treatment of metal, electronic manufacturing, and in food preservation applications. For air feed systems, air supplied to the PSA system is compressed and purified to get rid of dust, oil, and water in the adsorbent bed, while adsorbing oxygen and producing nitrogen rich streams.

Product Specifications
Carbon Molecular SievePellets
PropertyUnitCMS 200CMS 220CMS 240CMS 260
Crush Strengthlbf≥22.5≥22.5≥18≥18
Bulk Densitylb/ft339.3-41.239.3-41.239.3-41.239.3-41.2
Adsorption PressureMpa0.
Nitrogen Purity%≥99.5≥99.5≥99.5≥99.5
Productivity for NitrogenNm3/h.T200220240260
Nitrogen Recovery%≥40≥40≥40≥40
Adsorption Cycles2×602×602×602×60
44.1 lb / plastic drum

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Industries Used
  • Nitrogen Production
  • Air Feed Systems
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption