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Hydrogen Purification

Overview of Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen is a valuable gas used in many different applications including refining processes. Hydrogen can be produced from the atmospheric air by separating out other compounds. In Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), on purpose hydrogen is generated to be used in other refining processes as an added gas to boost reactions, improve hydrogenation, regenerate catalysts, and more. In catalytic reforming, hydrogen is created as a byproduct, and is of high value in other refining processes. For reliable, clean hydrogen streams, refineries select our specialized hydrogen purification products, which remove water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and methane to create an end product of high purity hydrogen.

HydroFlo Products for Hydrogen Purification

HydroFlo – molecular sieve and catalysts

HydroFlo products are capable of generating high purity streams of hydrogen from an array of feed stocks, whether using atmospheric air to isolate hydrogen or purifying hydrogen from Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) feed, we will help select the ideal product for you.