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About HengYe Inc.

Before you become a customer, it will quickly become clear to you that you’re dealing with a World-Class Manufacturer. Your increased production is our goal and better built materials quickly repay for themselves. Higher quality material will lead to longer lifespans between change outs, higher output, and can prevent damage to your equipment. Hengye Quality, Service, and Technology will get you to your desired results. Put our solutions and people to work for you.

For over twenty-five years, Hengye has been manufacturing molecular sieves and activated alumina for the global adsorbent market. Hengye first began serving the American adsorbent marketplace in 1999, and in 2014, Hengye Inc. was established in Houston, Texas. Hengye Inc. offers the flexibility and reliability required to meet the growing, dynamic needs in the American marketplace. We are equipped with a team of engineers, salespeople, and a marketing team to allow a full range of services for the oil, gas, and adsorbent community. Hengye Inc. offers capabilities for new unit designs to meet the needs of future constructions and can design vessel sizing for existing units. Feed streams are unique and Hengye is able to manufacture and select the ideal product to meet specification requirements and maximize the value of product streams. Our sales team, paired with our engineers, will provide the data and technical education to support and bring confidence to those who use Hengye products. We maintain inventory of molecular sieve, activated alumina, and silica gel in Houston, Texas for your convenience.


that aim to perform better, last longer, and produce a positive return on investment.